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Friday, October 22, 2010

His parents met my parents

BLT's family came into town recently. They came out to our business on a Friday and met my family.

The following Saturday we had a late lunch and birthday party for TNT at our place. The dad's fired up the BBQ and discussed politics and meat.

The mom's chatted politely about the grand kids, pets, and compared scars from knee surgeries.

All in all it went well and my parents asked when they would see each other again. They seem to like BLT's family (and it's hard not to, to be honest. They are really warm people) so that's a great sign.

My father told my mother "you know what that was? That was "meet the in-laws" right there." LOL, my mother told him to cool his jets and not read too much into it. She's a smart one my mom.


  1. That's way cool! So happy that you both have an awesome support system.

  2. Well this rocks :). *singing* We are fammmmmily!