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Friday, September 3, 2010

Big dreams for my little cottage - and an update.

First the update. I spoke to the crime victims caseworker at Labor and Industries they claim that my former insurance was still in effect and that payment must be made by my former insurance company, and anything not covered will be paid by them.

The insurance company claims that regardless of coverage these injuries were received due to a crime and Crime Victims must pay. I told them both to duke it out on their own end, and that refuse to pay one penny.

Second... my little blue cottage! I'm starting a fun project this holiday weekend. I was given the okay from my landlord to pull up the carpet in TNT's bedroom. Due to allergies and severe asthma we can't have carpet in the room where TNT sleeps. This long weekend I'll pull up the carpet, pad, and tack strips. I'll get the floor all cleaned and prepped - and then next weekend BLT and I will install laminate wood flooring in that room. I already have Pergo downstairs in the main living area and I love it.

I have several home improvement projects planned for my little cottage. I have to paint TNT's room, build a stone path to a fire pit in the backyard, re-stain my picket fence and deck, strip the wallpaper in the bathroom and paint the walls, freshen up the paint on the little barn in my back yard, and BLT and I have instructions on building Adirondack chairs and outdoor planters. We want to make some planters for Christmas gifts and chairs for our own use next summer on the patio. Oh speaking of the patio, it needs to be power washed and then sealed with concrete stain.

Lots of plans... and very little time or money, lol. Lucky for me few of these jobs are expensive. My landlord left stain and paint in the shed, I can borrow the power washer from my parents etc. Mostly it's all elbow grease :) I'm excited to get started this weekend!


  1. So much fun. In my experience personal/group insurance is primary over CV. Good grief. They won't duke it out. You'll probably need to get a customer service supervisor on the phone from personal insurance and fax them a copy of CV denial.

    I'm excited to see the improvements. You have an awesome canvass to start with :).

  2. Have fun. I am glad your landlord is letting you do these things, it is always fun to make a home more homey.