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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Disney Recap

Well we made it back safe and sound.  The weather held up for the first three days, but day four had record breaking rains, floods, and lightening storms.  We stayed the whole day in the parks, but it was wet, cold, and we all looked more than a little pathetic. It took three hours in the hotel clothes dryers to get our shoes dry enough to wear the next day. 

All in all it was a good trip.  We laughed, and the kids and I spent some much needed time together. Traveling with four children is a unique challenge.  We did pretty well, especially once I chilled out a bit and just decided to go with the flow, as the saying goes.  I had to relinquish a little control, and let thing happen in a more organic way.  It was impossible to stick to my "list" and I was making us all nuts so I had to just loosen up.  It was good for me - and the kids!

I packed my camera and took a few hundred shots - but I had the most fun with the video camera built into my iPhone.  I kinda have a love affair with my new phone anyway... but the ability to take video of the kids on the rides just rocks!

Plus BLT and I were able to be in frequent contact and I sent plenty of photos and video back to the grandparents too.  Speaking of grandparents - my mom and day paid for the kids to do one of those Character Breakfasts in Ariel's Grotto.  They LOVED it.  The meal was fantastic and there was lots of personal one on one time with the characters.  It was pretty fantastic!

I won't bore anyone with further details - I know looking at other people's vacation photos is about as exciting as watching paint dry, and hearing the minute details of said trip is even less thrilling! I'm happy to be home - even though work this week was exhausting  - and I have lots on my mind that I want to write about when I get back into the groove of things here at home.


  1. Well I'm looking forward to pics but I'm sure you are busily getting them digi scrapped :).

  2. Getting back into the groove is such a chore - good luck with the transition!

  3. I'm excited that you had such a blast! Now you need a vacation from your vacation, don't you? :)

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