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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Well that was an unwelcome surprise!

I go to the Dr. today to get my Depo shot, and low and behold they inform me that I need a pap... nice. I didn't realize when I made the appointment I was signing on to be poked, prodded and invaded by cold, foreign objects while wearing a paper dress.

For craps sake I didn't even shower people! I mean, I showered the night before, but you know how it is... when you know someones going to be wrist deep in your girly parts you make sure you're spring fresh beforehand!!!

Now that I've been violated by a perfect stranger I think I'll use the rest of my weight watchers points for the day and have myself a beer and a skinny cow truffle bar... because damn it, I deserve it! (said in my best bat shit crazy Mel Gibson voice)


  1. Ha ha ha! That last line was awesome.

  2. Several years ago I went to my doctor at the time for a regular pap. This doctor was great (she has since moved on) and I really liked her. I decided to have some fun with the pap experience. I wore knee-high toe socks for the entire procedure. It gave us both a giggle and was a good conversation piece to make the moment a little less awkward (that was pre-kid days. Now that I've had kids, I'll present my hoo-ha to anyone with a pair of rubber gloves on. HA!!)