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Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Do Nothing Weekend

I've decided I'm doing nothing productive this weekend. I've spent every single day,even the weekends doing something ever since BLT moved in a couple months ago. We've done housework, yard work, gone into the office, hosted dinners, entertained family. We've babysat nieces, ran a thousand errands, taxied kids to hell and back, and I am completely, and totally exhausted.

I've been running on empty for days - forcing myself out of bed. Moving slow, feeling weak, and desperately in need of some extra sleep and relaxation.

So my yard that needs maintenance can wait.

My laundry can wait.

The removal of wallpaper, and repainting the bathroom can wait.

I'm not running anyone to the mall, the movies, to friends, or to the lake.

I'm not cleaning house, cooking elaborate meals, going out with friends, or going into work.

I'm going to lay here. I'm going to read my favorite blogs and decorating magazines. I'm going to take a long bath, and work up the energy to play Little Big Planet. I MAY decide to get dressed, but it's unlikely.

I'm not going to answer my phone, my email, or check my text message.

I think I'll start right now with a morning nap in the sun....

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