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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Oh those wacky kids...

Having four kids in the house makes for a fun, but wildly busy and rowdy household.  About ten days ago my poor Monkey Pants had to be knocked out and have a bunch of dental work done.  One of the things they had to do was pull out both of the bottom front baby teeth.  The adult teeth had grown in behind them, a la shark style, and those little baby teeth were not coming out on their own...  so now Money Pants has a lisp.  LOL, it's the cutest thing ever.  "Momma, I love you thith muth"  Who wouldn't melt when they heard that?

A couple days ago Ethel's littlest one says to me, "Auntie, I love you."  and I tell her I love her more.  She replies, "I love you one hundred and fourteen pounds" and I say "Well that's exactly how much I weigh!" I think I actually heard Ethel snort from the kitchen while she tried to hold in the gaffaw...   shoosh you evil woman!

Last weekend my two nieces, ages four and five, spent the night.  This made six little ones in my house ranging in age from four to fourteen.  One of the wee ones found an old bell in the toy box.  At seven AM on Sunday it sounded like the Salvation Army had invaded.  OIY was that obnoxious!  Good thing they're adorably cute or I would have beaten someone with that darn bell!

My two youngest came to work with me last Friday since there was no school.  This is one of the benefits of working for your parent's company...  they let me bring the kids to crash on the couch if they're sick, or if there isn't any school for the day.  During lunch they were in the kitchen eating soup I made while leaning over the garbage can.  My mother asks them why they are leaning over the trash instead of sitting down at the table.  TNT replies, "Cause we're Hobos and we found this soup in the garbage.  Next we're gonna find CANDY!"  oooohhh kaaaay....  that kid is a weird one.  And what nine year old wants to make believe play at being a "hobo" anyway? Maybe we watched a little too much of the Occupy Wall Street news on the TV!

My youngest has a birthday on Thanksgiving day this year.  She's decided we need ice cream cake.  I better get on that! That poor kid needs a real party with some friends, and party games.  Having her birthday on Thanksgiving makes it really hard because nobody can ever come.  Maybe I should take her ice skating with a few friends the following week - that would be fun! Either way I have to come up with some way to celebrate her birthday with all the family there for Thanksgiving as well.  Maybe I'll decorate up a little "birthday girl" table with streamers and some birthday balloons in the corner. Then I'll put her wrapped presents there and when everyone arrives we'll sing a little happy birthday and let her blow out the candle on her own personal ice cream cake.  I'll make up some goodie bags for the kids and they can go off and play while we finish preparing dinner.   I'm liking this plan....  oh ETHEL...  HELP!

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