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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Lost and Found

In the past few weeks I have misplaced and/or just flat out lost...

My Kindle
My Favorite Purse
My Left Jogging Shoe
My Phone Charger
My Green Travel Mug Lid

I have found...

My Kindle
My Favorite Purse (The Kindle was Inside)
My Stack of Birthday Cards I Bought To Mail Out (didn't even know those were lost)
My Favorite Perfume For Sale.. I thought it was discontinued
The Perfect Bridesmaid Shoes

That darn phone charger and coffee lid are problematic to be sure though... and I'm really sure my jogging shoe just got shoved to the deep dark reaches under my bed.  I'll have to send a small child under there to root it out!

I am more than a bit worried however that they'll finally find my vibrator I lost six months or so ago.  After a rather fun evening with BLT that sucker has not been seen again, and I think in the heat of  the moment it fell off and then under the bed,  but I've wiggled under there as far as I can and I haven't been able to see it. 

Dang it... neither the jogging shoes, nor my toy were inexpensive...  They better turn up!

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